Thursday 19th February 2015

by Chase

So this last weekend was just insane, and I thought I would try and do a little recap here for anyone that’s interested. Friday it was Shaun’s 21st, so we were planning on hitting some clubs downtown later that night, and we started over at Shaun’s apartment with the usual—just having some drinks, playing beer pong while people were arriving (it got pretty packed pretty quick).

Eventually we’re getting ready to leave for the club crawl, and then John looked out the window and he was like, “Did somebody invite One Direction? Pretty sure that’s their tour bus,” and there was this massive party limo bus that had pulled up outside the apartment and was just waiting. So apparently his uncle (honestly one of the coolest guys I’ve met in my life—he surprised him by sending this limo bus over to pick everybody up at 10 to take us all downtown. Literally, this was the sickest ride I have ever seen in my life…

When we got inside, nobody could believe this thing was real (it was literally nicer than my apartment). It had this tiled dance floor, and strobe lights and high-def TVs and (of course) a few mini-bars—which, you know, we did partake heartily…

I had my iPod with me and we jacked into the mp3 hookups and just cranked it out (Ava had put together this pretty gnarly party mix for Shaun, lots of 12th Planet and Deadmau5).

There was just so much room (even with, I think 17 of us…) so Noah busted out the hacky sack (side note: we hadn’t played in probably 3 years, almost since high school when we played EVERY day during lunch) for some good old fashioned “burn” (which is M.U.C.H. harder to play with a drink in your hand, but about 1,000 times funnier.

So we hit up Jokers first, which was fine with me. They usually play a decent amount of dub, although it was a bit heavy on hip-hop, which isn’t necessarily my thing, but whatever—if you have enough tallboys, you can dance to anything anyway… It was pretty hilarious, we hit the dance floor with our whole crew and pretty much took over (it was PACKED though). It was Bryce’s first time there, and he was standing like 4 feet away from the Joker face on the wall the first time it went off, so when it blasted in his face (whatever it is, water vapor?) he almost had a heart attack—the look on his face…oh man, he was traumatized, and we just all lost it.

Madison picked up a round of shots for everyone. And then another one…Heh, so things got a little bit hazy from there on out—I’m not exactly sure how many other clubs we hit, but we would tear it up for a bit, then just hop back on the bus and head to the next spot. It was insane. There were honestly some places we went where we were like “this is actually less impressive than the basically mobile dance floor we DROVE here in…”

And it was awesome because nobody had to DD, so we all just got to unleash on the dance floor without even worrying about getting home because we could just hop back on the limo bus and keep the party going—pretty sure I danced for like 3 hours straight. My calves were just on fire the next day.

Eventually we were starting to get somewhat cashed, but after the last club shut down for the night, we just cruised for a while, and everybody was in a much more chill mood (also just exhausted from how hard we were dancing), so we just kind of sat back and cranked up some pretty good ambient jams. Gotta remember to get that track list from Ava. Solid stuff.

At some point during the night we were talking about hitting Odesza in Iowa City on the 24th, and so me and Noah and Kevin are gonna see if we can’t get enough people to chip in for a ride down in the same limo bus, and then we can party all the way down and back, and nobody has to drive that way which is a huge plus.

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