Monday 16th February 2015

by Chase

Alright, trying out this blog thing, so hey it’s Chase A.K.A. Moondog, and what I’m about is 1) music 2) music 3) dance music 4) hitting the clubs when I can 5) my cat—Scotch Tape 6) practicing my lettering/inking/coloring 7) music.

Ok, hobbies: Um, music is my hobby. Most of the time just chilling, melting my face off to anything Diplo touches, starting with Major Lazer. I’m sorry but six years later and nobody can touch Pon De Floor—hands-down best video of all time courtesy of Eric Wareheim, holy genius of all ages. But also I can get down with DJ Snake, Air, The Knife, GusGus, Telepopmusik, some older stuff like Goldfrapp and Massive Attack, too. GIVE ME AMBIENCE OR GIVE ME DEATH.

Lately getting into Royksopp after Kevin hooked me up with Inevitable End on vinyl and I’m digging the down-tempo, mostly instrumentals (although more Robyn please).

Also I love being outside—camping out in the summer (no tent if possible—usually we tarp if we need it). Todd and I did 75 miles on John Muir last summer, and we’re planning to go back next year and take another attempt at the whole trail, but giving ourselves 20 days instead of 14. I’m into Neil DeGrasse Tyson (The Cosmos is my jam) reading through Pale Blue Dot (RIP Sagan) again, after I finally buckled down and bought a new copy since I couldn’t remember who I loaned it out to. Mostly just being with my friends, finding new music, expanding my vinyl collection and clubs.

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